Get a Mac UK

Peepshow is one of my favourite comedies of the last few years, and Mitchell and Webb are inspired choices to play Mac and PC in the UK version of the Get a Mac ads.

Apple (UK and Ireland) – Get a Mac – Watch The New Ads

User Archived Content

From my occasional series of ‘here’s something from the musical archives that’s pretty cool’ posts.

I love the fact that YouTube allows for the sharing of this kind of content. It’s probably not strictly ‘legal’. And it’s not strictly user-generated either, more sort of user-archived. But I think we shouldn’t underestimate the massive power of user-archives.

I started to think about how many VHS (or Betamax) cassettes there must be in lofts, attics and cupboards around the world. And what hidden gems must be on those tapes. Gradually fading away as bits of magnetic stuff lose their strength. It’s kind of sad really. But thanks to YouTube it can all live again. And find its way into the brains of people who care. Which is the opposite of sad.

Anyway, back to the clip. Donna Summer’s ‘State of Independence’ has got a really well known bit in it featuring a choir. But I had no idea who was in the Choir, I’d never thought twice about it. But this clip shows it’s probably the Carlsberg of choirs:

Via awesome MP3 blog: Dilated Choonz

Jobs Vs Gates – Lexical Density


Nice post by Russell about ‘Lexical Density’, which sounds much more scary than it is…

It got me thinking, all this stuff is all very well to analyse in retrospect, so what about a real-time speech analyser that monitors your lexical density, fog index, criminal overuse of words and phrases, etc. Perhaps something mounted in a pair of glasses with LEDs so you can modify your speech on-the-fly…

Steve Jobs would get a red light to warn him of ‘overbooming’, Bill would get a ‘stop being so boring’ light twinkling away to encourage him to turn it on.

Actually they’d be rubbish. I’d just end up with an ‘overuse of word: stuff’ light strobing in my eye all the time.

Computers Behind Blogs – Intro

Here’s a little pet project I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I wanted to do something that shows the computers that people blog from. I reckon it might give an interesting, non-verbal snapshot into the bloggers’ world. So I’ve gone and done it.

Read more here.

Please get involved if you’re a blogger. And tell all your blogging friends. The more the merrier.

When Good Companies Blog Good

Here’s a site that Poke built that I’ve never written about. Probably because I had nothing to do with it. But it’s a great little site. Partly to do with what we did for them. But as least as much, if not more, because they’re using it really well. Which I’m sure is partly related to the fact that the site was built to fit their particular needs (it’s a custom blog tool built on top of Rails if you care).

Camron are a small PR agency who deal in a lot of stylish, luxuryish, stuff. The site is a portfolio for their work, which they write about and put nice photos in. But the best bit is their blog. They call it: Intelligence (the things they’re doing and the stuff they like). And it’s properly great. It really gives you a feel for the fact that these are a bunch of real people who appreciate and love great high-end stuff. And the most important thing is that it feels totally natural.

Puts our shitty Poke site to shame (for now…)

(And I also like how the people page has been done to focus on the object or thing that the individuals like the best).

Snow in London

OK, so it’s hardly skiing weather. But you can actually see snow on top of stuff. Which is nice for a change. Expect stories of commutors taking 79 hours to get to work as a result…