Yoda’s Freaky Eye

Meet my Yoda Furby. As you can see it’s a quality piece of Star Wars merchandise. If a little bit repetative. I’ve had him for a few years now and he’s been hibernating in a box for the last couple.

I found him the other day and resurrected him using the force (and 4AA batteries).

Only thing is, one of his eyelids has perished and when he’s ‘sleeping’ he has this freaky eye thing going on. I think he might have to go back in the box, he’s scaring me.

Yahoo! Mail Championships

Here’s a little Poke project. To promote the new Yahoo! Mail we’ve set up the Yahoo! Mail World Championships.

Starting with the theory that everyday challenges became competitive sport over time (e.g. hunting became Javelin throwing, running away from things became competitive running) we thought it might be funny to treat email in the same way. So we’ve turned email into a competitive sport and are trying to find the best emaillers in the world.

We are actually going to have a live final early next year which I’m looking forward to, a lot. I’d love to see a top secretary battling it out against a teen-computer-game-champ.
There’s also some nice little games which show off the product features in a really sweet way AND you can get some awesome finger-sweatbands on the site ;-)

I still think the idea is pretty strong, and there’s some great bits in there. But I’ve been so close to it for so long I’m not sure whether it’s lost some of it’s focus during the process. I hope not, but I fear it might have done.

When Things are Broken it’s Bad

I was sitting upstairs on a bus last week and the CCTV screen was broken.

A blue screen with ‘no signal’ on it. As well as a couple of tags and a sticker with another tag on it.

It made me feel really unsafe. More unsafe than if the screens weren’t there at all.

I guess it’s a bit like when one is in a house full of the evil dead and one goes to pick up the phone and it’s been cut off.

Or perhaps it’s particularly unsettling that something that’s supposed to protect us from vandalism and petty crime has so blatantly been vandalised.

Tea for 2.0

Grazia Teabuddy

Teabuddy.com (our social web app for managing tea-making and preferences) has come to the boil again. It’s one of those odd sleeper projects. We did it ages ago and at first it got picked up by Wired, then a bit later by The Guardian. Now it’s really entered the mainstream with a mention in Grazia magazine (it was the second item in their ‘cool chart’ last week).

That’s one of the things I love about online. Things can just live on forever, getting discovered by new audiences up to years after they originally launched. It’s something that clients are often uncomfortable with, they’re used to campaigns having a launch date and a finite lifespan. Those rules just don’t apply any more. I guess that’s the long tail of advertising.

Our other big sleeper project Globalrichlist.com still has massive peaks and was mentioned in Daily Candy this weekend too.

I don’t know if there’s a sudden upsurge in female publications getting more into online stuff, but its interesting that two of our old projects have been picked up by big Womens’ publications in recent weeks…

Things I Learned in Cork this Weekend

There are green Irish postboxes – yay!

Limerick and Blarney are both real places in Ireland, and you go the same way from Cork to get there. I really wanted to go and kiss the Blarney stone, but apparently so does everyone else.

Everyone in Cork travels on Segway. All the people who are advertising the new 3 store do anyway. They still look like fun to me.

Some posters in Cork seem deeply inappropriate.

They’ve got the best named Kebab shop in the world. Apart from perhaps Kebabylon.

Vend-a-scent have got the some lovely antique looking vending machines that keep men fragrant.

And I had a jolly nice time to boot :-)

Boyfriend Behaving Badly

modern manI’m finding it harder than I’d thought to gather together posts on Modern Man. But yesterday whilst reading the paper a gem just dropped in my lap, not unlike an advert for car insurance.

I found this article from the Times depressing and hilarious in equal measures. In the same way as I hate and love the guy who wrote it in equal measures.

It’s basically about his refusal to act like a sensitive modern man. The fact that he’s going to say and do what he likes, and not feel the pressure to constantly show the ‘right’ emotion. It ends up reading like a catalogue of vile behaviour towards his ex-girlfriends, but I somehow couldn’t help but warm to him.
I think it was the slightly fragile nature of his conclusion that made it all OK:

But why should I change? I am not unhappy. I’m just numb, indecisive and apathetic, like many males of my generation. Could it be that I am one of the few honest ones left?

Crisp NPD for Kettle Chips

kettle chips party packI’m a bit of crisp junkie as I’ve said before (even post the drinking oil advert that put me off a bit).

So I’m a bit biased, but I like this thought. Buy this Kettle Chips party box online for $19.99 which contains:

  • Five 5 oz. bags of People’s Choice chips, one of each flavor
  • “A Taste of Putumayo: Music for Every Palate” world music sampler CD
  • trivia postcards
  • voting ballots
  • food pairing ideas, drink recipes and a premium chip clip

Then you can go online at http://www.passporttoflavor.com and vote for your favourite of the 5 limited edition flavours with a chance to win a decent prize.

It’s maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but in terms of getting crisp lovers to get involved with new product development I quite liked it.

via: uncrate.com