Nerd Recruitment

Recruiting NerdsSaw this recruitment ad on the MediaTemple site. It made me chuckle. In case you’re interested (and are a ‘picked last in gym’ kind of nerd it links here.

Incidentally, if you run your own website and are looking for hosting that can manage lots of users and big spikes in traffic, they’ve got an interesting new product called Grid-Server which starts from $20 a month.

Spam Names

Checking my junk email folder this morning, to make sure nothing important had been misplaced, I noticed just how great the names of these junk mailers are. (I know, I know, they make up the names so that the junk mail filters don’t spot them as being spammers, but someone’s having a great time inventing these names).

See below for a selection of today’s greatest:

junk mail names

For a moment I started imagining what Sharlene S. Typhoid was replying to me about, or why I would have written to Sodomite H. Anticipated in order that he’d need to get back to me. Then I realised I just need to get out more.


Ms DeweyCould this be the most pointless thing ever? Probably not. But it’s a massive folly of some description.
Someone has spent a whole heap of money creating a video based ‘human face’ to a search engine. Type in your search and Ms Dewey makes pointless and irrelevant quips. Then you get a badly presented list of search returns.

It’s got to be a marketing campaign for something. No one else would waste money in such a stupid fashion ;-)

One Day in History

one day in history

I liked this idea about capturing a day in history through blogs:

‘One Day in History’ is a one off opportunity for you to join in a mass blog for the national record. We want as many people as possible to record a ‘blog’ diary which will be stored by the British Library as a historical record of our national life.

It’s just a shame that they’re not really using blogs at all, you just submit a diary entry through the site. For me it’d be really great if they’d done it actually taking a snapshot of real peoples’ blogs on that day rather than getting them to write bespoke entries into their page. I’m sure it’ll skew the kind of things that people write and create a less accurate picture as a result. Plus the context of the design of peoples’ blogs would give it a much richer feeling and a better impression of the online world in 2006.

I guess the upside of their method is that everyone gets to enter whether they’ve got a blog or not.

Damn the ‘B-Word’ is trendy right now…

Participation Inequality

Participation Inequality: Lurkers vs. Contributors in Internet Communities. Jakob Nielsen’s piece on the split between lurkers, synthesisers and creators. He puts it at a 90-9-1 rule. But has some other interesting examples, like blogging, where he says the ratio is more like 95-5-0. (for a clever guy his maths aren’t that good ;-)

Anyway, it’s a great article, and the bit about how to minimise inequality is smart:

  • Make it easy to contribute
  • Make participation a side-effect
  • Edit don’t create
  • Reward – but don’t over reward – participants
  • Promote quality contributions

That’s enough paraphrasing, just click over here to read the whole thing.

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Nice Pret

I know Pret a Manger are part owned by McHorrors so I shouldn’t go there. But me and Nik just went in to one and ordered a coffee, and the man gave us them for free. He said: “it’s Friday afternoon, these are on the house”.

So, because they were nice I’m now telling you that they were nice in the hope that it spirals into some out of control spirally thing that inspires infinite niceness throughout the world.

Interactive Cinema Ads

Brazillian interactive cinema ad for Fiat using text messages. More details on the MIT Advertising Lab blog

Interesting idea, and something we’ve had discussions about before. But I always felt it was really irresponsible to do something in cinemas using mobile phones. And a bit odd too. When I go into a cinema the first thing I do is turn my phone off. Even before I get into the screen. So to turn it back on again to text an advert, only to have to turn it off again straightaway feels like a chore. Be really interesting to know what the response rates are like.

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