One Day in History

one day in history

I liked this idea about capturing a day in history through blogs:

‘One Day in History’ is a one off opportunity for you to join in a mass blog for the national record. We want as many people as possible to record a ‘blog’ diary which will be stored by the British Library as a historical record of our national life.

It’s just a shame that they’re not really using blogs at all, you just submit a diary entry through the site. For me it’d be really great if they’d done it actually taking a snapshot of real peoples’ blogs on that day rather than getting them to write bespoke entries into their page. I’m sure it’ll skew the kind of things that people write and create a less accurate picture as a result. Plus the context of the design of peoples’ blogs would give it a much richer feeling and a better impression of the online world in 2006.

I guess the upside of their method is that everyone gets to enter whether they’ve got a blog or not.

Damn the ‘B-Word’ is trendy right now…

Participation Inequality

Participation Inequality: Lurkers vs. Contributors in Internet Communities. Jakob Nielsen’s piece on the split between lurkers, synthesisers and creators. He puts it at a 90-9-1 rule. But has some other interesting examples, like blogging, where he says the ratio is more like 95-5-0. (for a clever guy his maths aren’t that good ;-)

Anyway, it’s a great article, and the bit about how to minimise inequality is smart:

  • Make it easy to contribute
  • Make participation a side-effect
  • Edit don’t create
  • Reward – but don’t over reward – participants
  • Promote quality contributions

That’s enough paraphrasing, just click over here to read the whole thing.

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Nice Pret

I know Pret a Manger are part owned by McHorrors so I shouldn’t go there. But me and Nik just went in to one and ordered a coffee, and the man gave us them for free. He said: “it’s Friday afternoon, these are on the house”.

So, because they were nice I’m now telling you that they were nice in the hope that it spirals into some out of control spirally thing that inspires infinite niceness throughout the world.

Interactive Cinema Ads

Brazillian interactive cinema ad for Fiat using text messages. More details on the MIT Advertising Lab blog

Interesting idea, and something we’ve had discussions about before. But I always felt it was really irresponsible to do something in cinemas using mobile phones. And a bit odd too. When I go into a cinema the first thing I do is turn my phone off. Even before I get into the screen. So to turn it back on again to text an advert, only to have to turn it off again straightaway feels like a chore. Be really interesting to know what the response rates are like.

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Advertising to Man in Captivity

Toilet media. I’m sure at a point it seems like a good idea:

  • You get 99% (I’m guessing) accuracy in gender targetting
  • People aren’t just rushing past
  • Blokes don’t know where to look when urinating next to other blokes, so give them an ad to look at and it stops them feeling funny

All sounds good so far… And generally I don’t mind them too much.
But I don’t like straplines with thinly veiled reference to penis size, they’re not big or clever.

size matters

Or gags about ‘splashing out’, or ‘pissing your money against a wall’, or anything else supposedly knowing about the context of the ad. Normally I like context. But not if the context is a stinking toilet.

I don’t like novelty things that get in the way of the job at hand, and threaten to make my visit very unhygenic either (as previously posted).

But my favourite bit of loo-vertising to men I’ve seen recently goes to this:

handbag no mobile

A Modern Man post.

Modern Man

I’m taking part in the Carnival of Modern Man over the next couple of weeks (because I was asked). It’s an interesting project by the PSFK guys and I thought it would be good to stretch out my blogging muscles a little bit.

So you might notice a couple of extra tags or links here and there, or even some posts that feel a little different from the norm (not too much, just a bit). But if you notice me banging on about men more than often it’s not because I had a revelation in Brighton at the weekend. Well maybe I did, but not that kind…

Crackunit is One!

Hooray. This current version of Crackunit has made it to the age of one. That’s more than any of the other versions did…

I was thinking about the history of Crackunit and my blogging and I couldn’t remember how long I’d had the domain for so I did a search on and found that I could re-trace my steps pretty well.

Here’s the first version from 2001:

crackunit v1.

It’s from when I was DJing and I put a streaming radio thing up there without anything else.

By May 2002 I’d managed to make it into a kind of blog, here’s a bit of the navigation (missing some style sheets):

crackunit v2

But I can’t seem to view the rest of the page…
My ISP didn’t like it because they thought I was doing bad copyright stuff in terms of hosting bits of music, and I kind of was. So they deleted everything I’d ever done, and being a fool I had no backups, so I gave up on the whole lark for a bit.

Then I decided to start blogging again through 2003/2004 on (here’s a page from 2003 via but it was just a kind of anything and everything about nothing kind of blog. Then, one year ago today, Crackunit was re-born.