YouTube Value on TechCrunch

Even though their site has issues with it’s error messages (see below), it’s undoubtedly worth quite a lot of money. This article on TechCrunch has a good top line discussion on how much it might be worth and outlines the big challenges ahead: YouTube’s Magic Number – $1.5 Billion

It’s also worth a read of this post from Mark Cuban about The Coming Decline of Youtube where he talks about just how tricky YouTube’s copyright issues are. Oh well, the lawyers get rich again.

Where’s the legal Web2.0 play that displaces the lawyers, come on, someone’s got to have one…

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Great great great!

Get your Flickr photos printed onto mini-cards (they’re like 1/2 height business cards). They look a bit like They are v2.0 of Pleasurecards (thanks Stef) which I have some of and are great quality. The application which sucks your photos from Flickr and lets you edit your cards is really simple and well built.

And the best bit of all?

If you’ve got a Flickr pro account you get 10 of the little blighters for free.

moo | we love to print

Interesting looking company with some interesting people working at it and interesting backers… Interesting.

Thanks to Knotty for the tip…

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Fizzy Web

I had a meeting with a prospective client yesterday (I hope she doesn’t mind me posting this, I am keeping it anonymous). And in our conversation she said that she wanted their site to be ‘fizzy’, at first I almost laughed, then as we talked, and I thought about it, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a fizzy web site – unless you’re a soft drinks company in which case you should be fired ;-)

She was using the word fizzy to describe something that other people would have described as dynamic, visually engaging, wankword, cliche, etc. It was really refreshing (damn, see what’s happened now!).

I’m guessing that the digital world suffers from briefing cliches more than some other areas. I think it’d be great to try living without e-cliches for a bit and replacing them with words like fizzy (where appropriate).

Application Love

After an earlier gripe about YouTube’s shoddy error message, here’s a beautiful piece of application design that’s cheered me up no end. From the brilliant and ever useful and their writeboard (collaborative document editing dodah) service.

I deleted a document that I’d been working on. On purpose. It did the usual thing of checking I was sure. Then on the cofirmation page. Bang.

WritePad Delete Confirmation

Gives me ultimate confidence that they understand the frailty of human nature and have built an application that gets it too. Aaah. Geek Lovely.

Errors in Errors

It’s been a wee while since I posted an interface gripe. So here’s one I got today at YouTube:

Youtube error
So, what’s wrong with this?
  • 500 Internal Server Error. That sounds like a lot of waiters with gut problems. Serious. What did I do wrong? I must have done something.
  • Trained monkeys, that’s sort of almost funny (but not really). I think they mean that someone’s going to fix it.
  • If someone’s fixing it, does that mean what I’ve just tried to do will get done or do I need to do it again. Now? Later? When?
  • Even though it’s being fixed I have to email customer service. Why? In case the monkeys’ pagers aren’t working?
  • What on earth is that big blog of Matrix style gunk that I have to copy and paste into my ‘error report’, what’s an ‘error report’? How do I make one?
It just hasn’t been thought about properly. Someone’s seen that it can be nice to personalise these messages and give them a bit of character (hence the monkeys gag). But for me it’s indicative of the fact that YouTube doesn’t really have a visible character, or tone of voice.

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I love London (a little bit)

Busking on Brick LaneSome of you may have seen my ‘I love London’ blog – an experiment to try to get me to love living in London a bit more. And whether having a blog that makes me look out for good things would help me to see good things.

After a strong start it faltered badly. I couldn’t find anything. Everything just seemed generic to living somewhere that isn’t ‘in the middle of nowhere’. And I started to feel like I wasn’t loving London very much. Then I saw something unexpected on Sunday that strangely fired me up…

A couple of people busking on Brick Lane: I’d given up… Until… – I Love London

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