Families and Technology

This press release from Yahoo! and OMD apparantly shows a resergence of traditional values among tech-savvy families. Stuff like eating together being important and things like that.

There’s a lot of interesting nuggets in there, but my favourite bit is about the ‘43 hour day‘:

How jam-packed is daily family life? The Yahoo!/OMD study shows the power of multi-tasking in extending the typical day’s activities beyond 24 hours. In the U.S., respondents listed, on average, a total of more than 43 hours of daily activities, including time spent sleeping, working, commuting, as well as technology/media-based activities such as emailing, using an MP3 player, text messaging, and watching TV.

Yahoo! – Press Release

RSS Explained…

…the Oprah Way!

I’ve been a real bugger sometimes and asked people to explain what RSS feeds are in an interview. Not to see if they necessarily know or not. But to see how they respond to answering a tricky, techy question.

Now if someone’s read this article they’d have pretty much the perfect answer: Back in skinny jeans: How to explain RSS the Oprah way

The most simple explanation of RSS I’ve seen. Deservedly a very popular link.

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How lovely are these icons..?

Lovely Icons

I’d say very lovely.

That picture shows really how these beautiful (free) Mac icons look inside my computer. Imagine how cool I’d look if only I could be bothered to change all my file and folder icons. Damn! My inner cool is beaten by my inner sloth, again.


It’s all too (point oh) much

Nma clipping

I think New Media Age journalists must have some kind of autocomplete thing turned on in their word processors – just stick 2.0 after everything, regardless. Unless they know something about Apple’s plans that no-one else does?

Help me find someone

help me find someone

Not in a Where’s Wally kind of way!

I need to find someone for a project I’m working on. It’s a type of person I’ve not really worked with before. A kind of person that I don’t know where to find and how to reach them. So maybe, just maybe, the blogosphere can help me…

I’m trying to find someone who can write really strong interactive narrative. The kind of person who would be able to write a stonking game script. It’s for a sort of interactive mystery adventure thing (I can’t give away much more than that right now).

If anyone knows where I could find such a person, or if you are such a person please let me know…

Paper Nerd 2

After the last post about magnetic inkjet paper, my memory was jogged about something that I’d seen at a computer fair ages ago. Inkjet shrinky-dink paper.

Oh yeah, and we did a project for TopShop a while ago using Inkjet Tattoo Paper.

Paper is cool.