Big Chill Human Snail Race

Here’s a little clip I made of the Human Snail Race at the Big Chill festival this year. Someone showed me the ‘Silent Movie Mode’ on my digital camera and it became quite a hit (it puts stuff in black and white and speeds it up a bit).

It’s amazing how many otherwise normal people wanted to strap themselves into sleeping bags with shells on and wriggle along the ground on their tummies. Perhaps it’s a repressed desire in all of us…

Yoga Today – Karma Rich Video Podcasting

Yoga Today – Start each day with a new Yoga lesson (for free). That sounds nice doesn’t it… If you’re using a PC you can get the lessons in HD, if you’re on a Mac they’re in lower res iTunes format.

If only i could figure out a way to rig up a video iPod on some kind of helmet style attachement so I can see what’s going on when I’m upside down and inside out.

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Clipart Art

I’ve always had a strange passion for clipart. It’s pretty much the most lifeless form of illustration that exists. But ironically people use it to add life to presentations and documents. I have my own idea for a clipart project that I’ll probably never get around to doing. But this has inspired me…

In being uploaded to YouTube it’s got a bit fuzzy around the edges. To get the real experience go and see the original.

New Design

Stan Lee suggested that maybe I should consider a new web 2.0 logo, and pointed me in the direction of the Web 2.0 logo generator.

Generated Image

What do you reckon?

Amazing Video – Rendezvous

I was leafing through a copy of American GQ and I spotted a short article on a video that’s become an online phenomenon. A French art film of someone driving through Paris at breakneck speed. Made with no post production or additional sound effects this is one of the greatest driving films I’ve ever seen.

There’s lots of debates about the top speed of the car (experts say max 140km/h, the director reckons 200km/h), and the make of the car (a Mercedes or the director’s Ferrari). Wikipedia has lots on the topic.

Regardless, it’s a stunning 10 minutes of footage.

Crackunit gets a tidy up

It was time for a tidy-up. My blog template was starting to break in places. And I’ve found that I was writing longer posts. Which may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view. But it meant that the big type was getting a bit tiresome. So it was time for a redesign. Plus I’ve added a ‘recent posts’ and ‘recent comments’ bit in the sidebar.

Hope you like it.

Digital Frustration

Just in case it gets lost in the comments. I thought it was worth blogging the fact that Tony Davidson left a comment in response to my ranting the other day. Thanks. It’s always nice when a monologue turns into a dialogue. Stops you feeling like a nutter talking to yourself.

Anyway, Tony used an interesting word in his comment: frustration.

I think that word totally nailed it for me. As I said in my response, I’m not frustrated by anyone or anything. I’m just frustrated that I see bad things happening in the industry. I see destructive competition taking place, territorial protectionism is becoming widespread and paranoia and mistrust is starting to damage product and creativity.

Damn, that sounds quite apocalyptic! It’s not as bad as all that, mostly. But I can see it creeping into play on both sides. Resentful digital agencies are getting scared that big players with big wallets are moving in on their turf, and tallented people in above the line agencies are getting bored of being told that their time is up.

I’d love to see more real open honest collaboration taking place, where ideas are the heroes and awesome end-product is the thing that everyone is striving for, together. So I’m going to try to stop being so frustrated and start doing something about it. No idea what, but I’m sure it’ll come to me one day…

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