Top 10 Presentations

Great list of the Top 10 Best Presentations Ever, a pretty tough list to compile and they’ve done a nice job. There’s a few in here that I’ve seen before, and a few that I haven’t.

For Apple geeks of particular note is Steve Jobs launch of the first Mac in 1984, funny to see him presenting in a double breasted suit and bow tie.

As an aside I’m stunned almost daily at how much amazing video content is becoming freely available online. Martin Luthor King’s “I have a dream” speech in full is just one of those things. It’s starting to feel like pretty soon we’ll have access to a complete archive of the most interesting moments in film.

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Stunned by Fuerzabruta

Last night I saw the best thing ever: FUERZABRUTA.

It’s hard to describe what it is. Part acrobatics, part dance, part light and sound show. I’m not sure that it’s possible to describe it properly. It’s just a massive sensory overload where everything works together to leave you literally speechless.

It’s the same bunch of people who did De La Guarda a few years ago (which was also stunning).

Probably a bit late to tell people about it, it’s the last night tonight, and it’s all sold out. But if it ever comes to a town near you, book tickets, immediately.

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Geotagging in Flickr

Very cool new feature in Flickr, you can geotag your photos using Organizr. Simply drag your photos onto the Map (provided by Yahoo! Maps) and they immediately get a location attached to them. It’s really really simple and works brilliantly.

According to the Flickr blog 1.6 million photos were geo-tagged in the first 9 hours. That’s a lot.

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Steal this film

Picture 3.jpg

Following on from the Darknet post the other day, here’s some more on piracy in Sweden (and beyond). This 30 minute film gives a view of the P2P landscape (and especially the ‘bust’ on PirateBay – a major bittorrent site).

Obviously, given the group that produced the film, it’s coming at the argument from a certain direction. But there are some interesting bits in there.

I was surprised at the power that Hollywood has over the US government, and subsequently the lengths that they went to in order to ‘persuade’ the Swedish government to act against Pirate Bay. The backlash that this has generated in Sweden was also interesting, it would appear that many people are enraged by the US interfering and overturning domestic policy (which ultimately has led to the Pirate Party getting massive exposure and a sizable following).
I think the argument that’s put forward in the film that was most interesting talks about the fact that historically musicians were against recorded music, and the film industry was against VCRs. Both groups eventually turned these threats into revenue streams.

One commentator in the film recounts a Chinese proverb along the lines of:

When the wind rises, some people build walls. Others build windmills.

The ancient Chinese didn’t mention the fact that millions of others rush around looting stuff for free in all the confusion, but I guess that’s a much more modern predicament.

When I finished watching the film I didn’t end up feeling like my mind had been moved in either direction. It just made it clear that there really is a war going on, and there’s 2 groups of people who are determined to do things their way until they have to stop… But I did feel that one group was perhaps slightly more innovative and responsive than the other, no prizes for guessing which one.

Mod Your Mob for Orange

Here’s a little something that we’ve been working on for Orange. Called Mod Your Mob it’s all about creating freakish versions of mobile phones. I’ve not had much to do with it, and I’m not quite sure if it’s a pisstake or not. I’m not sure anyone else is either.

If I was an independent observer I might be tempted to point at my post below (the one about user generated content). But at the same time there are some quite funny things up there. Go and have a look (if you fancy). And there is decent scooter up for grabs…

It’s only just launched and hasn’t been promoted yet, so it’s a bit quiet for now: Orange – Mod Your Mob

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A Conversation on Participation

“Why don’t we let people get involved. Give them a way to upload their short movies / photographs / demo-tracks / homages to our product / ideas / knitting patterns / kazoo melodies / etc. They can win prizes.”

“Would you do it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, would you upload something?”

“Um, yeah, I guess so”

“Would you…? Honestly…?”

“No… But… Um… Well… It’s not really aimed at me is it…?”

“So you wouldn’t, but they will right?”

“Yeah, it’s what they’re doing isn’t it?”

Whenever you have an idea, or someone else has an idea that requires participation, just ask them (or yourself) one very very simple question: “Would you do it?”. You may not be the target audience, but you’ll know, deep down, if what you’re suggesting is right.