Dell Blog

I’m a bit behind on this one but Dell have started a corporate blog. It’s getting very mixed coverage:

Looking at it I think they’ve got a lot of fundamentals right. They’re not moderating too hard, they’re letting real stuff through. They’re looking at links in and links out. They’re responding to comments. And fair play to them, there’s a huge volume of stuff to deal with.

It mustn’t be easy for someone like Dell with customer service issues to stick their head out of the trench. So good luck to ’em I say.

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Boast it Notes

Nik’s set up a group called ‘Boast it Notes‘ on Flickr. It’s simple really. I don’t think I should even stoop to the level of explaining it. It came about after he set up a group on Flickr called ‘Street Style’ now it’s got 63 members and photos in it. It was a hole waiting to be filled. Maybe ‘boast it notes’ will be the same. Probably not.

But the whole notion using photos as notes is an interesting one. i found myself doing something rather odd on Saturday. I was going to someone’s house, and I had their address on my computer. But instead of sending it to my phone using some nonsense technology. Or writing it down, as a non-geek with a pen might do. I photographed it on my phone.

This might seem odd. But it was quick. Free. And less likely to be lost than a scrap of paper. Or maybe I’m just in love with my new Sony Ericsson K800i.

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A Pot of Infogold

Online developments – a photoset on Flickr

Lynette does an amazing, amazing job of collating astounding facts, figures and quotes about what’s going on in the digital world. Subscribe to her Flickr RSS feed and you’ll be much better informed about the changing media-world.

Thank you Lynette

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Social Notworking

This makes me want to weep. Wal-Mart’s ‘Hub’ for teens that allows them to ‘express their individuality’ (and win cool stuff!). Ths writeup in AdAge highlights most of the issues…

Advertising Age – Wal-Mart Tries to Be MySpace — Seriously

The really interesting thing will be how much negative buzz this can generate. I’m guessing the fact that this story has over 1,000 digg’s and counting (in 11 hours) means that it’s generating a lot of heat. I’m guessing there will be a massive amount of blogging and badmouthing of this, starting here…

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How hot is the bottom of your laptop?

101_0023 (Custom).jpg

Don’t know if this is true or false: Cooking Breakfast On A Macbook. You see this kind of thing faked all the time. Like the guys cooking an egg between 2 mobiles. This seems to be getting picked up all over the place though. The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Engadget, etc. And you’ve have thought those kind of site who get loads of fake stuff would have smelled a rat if the whole thing is rat scented.

Anyway, even if it is faked mine gets very hot. And I’m sure I could keep a coffee warm on the powersupply like they recommend.

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Where I work is OK

Poke have just been rated the top Digital Agency in the UK by Revolution Magazine. Actually more importantly we weren’t rated by the magazine, but by clients (as reported in Revolution Magazine).

This is the second time in 2 years that we’ve won this award which is either great news (or proves that their scoring is fundamentally fucked). They basically ask clients what they think of agencies and ask them to score them on lots of different criteria. It’s nice to be recognised by clients rather than peers or ‘judges’. So I’m pretty happy today.

In our ‘School Report’ they’ve misspelled my name in rather an amusing fashion. No longer will I be known as Iain Tait, I’ll now be known as Ian Tart.

Oh well, people seem to think it suits me… I’m still happy.

It’s not mentioned on the: Revolution Web Site

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BT luvs Bebo

TechCrunch report: Bebo Shuns $550 Million Acquisition Offer

San Francisco based social network Bebo, which recently raised $15 millionfrom Benchmark Capital, rejected a £300 million ($552 million)acquisition offer from British Telecom Group “a few weeks ago”,according to an insider on the transaction. Bebo’s asking price? North of $1 billion.

Sounds like another big media company trying to pay big money for something they don’t understand? Maybe? But then you read something like this:

Hitwise research shows that users of social networking site Bebo generate more than half of all UK visits to VoIP provider Skype.Visits to Skype from Bebo make up 56% of the VoIP site’s total visits.

From (appears to be subscription only – although I accessed it earler ?!?): Half of Skype visitors come from Bebo as young users adopt VoIP

If you can’t get in to you can read about the Hitwise analysis (where I think their figures came from) at: Heather Hopkins – Hitwise UK: Skype, Bebo and Vonage – Why Skype Visits are Through the Roof

Heather says:

Earlier this month, Skype and Bebo announced a partnership to take VOIP social. The partnership allows users to host “Skypecasts” with up to 100 participants on the same call and we have already seen a massive impact on Skype’s traffic. Last week, 58% of visits to Skype came from Bebo

Be interesting to see how much real uptake there is of Skype through this.

Maybe their valuation isn’t so crazy after all…

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