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Lending home pageAs I’ve mentioned before, we’re working with Zopa at the moment to do a redesign of their website. It’s a great company and a great project.

I was in a meeting last week when Dave from Zopa said “Oh, I’ve stuck some of the designs on the blog to see what people think“. My reactions were twofold and simultaneous:

  • Wow, that’s great. A client that’s so forward thinking they’re doing exactly the kind of thing we’d have asked them to do had we thought of it first. Brilliant.
  • Holy shit. What the crap are they doing! What if people don’t like the designs. That’s 8 weeks work down the toilet. Ohmygod what a catastrophe.

Suddenly I realised that all this so-called openness, honesty, transparency and dialogue is a whole different ballgame when there’s a big chunk of other people’s work at stake. This namby-pamby play-blogging I do is child’s play by comparison. I’ll never scoff at a client’s blog-fear again.

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What's hot on YouTube

Really useful breakdown of the 100 most viewed clips on YouTube. Nice work: No Man’s Blog: YouTube trends report #1

The top line is that of the top 100:

  • 58 are user generated content
  • 31 are music videos
  • 4 are commercial adverts
  • 3 are commercial virals
  • 2 are movie trailers
  • 2 are Asian tv show clips

There’s further breakdown of the user generated content on the site. But interesting to see that ‘real’ ads have been more viral than ‘viral’ ads. Goes back to the whole viral is bad, viral is good (stuff) argument from before.

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Big Chill / iTunes Promo

Nice promo idea – when my Big Chill tickets turned up they’d suck in a ‘free 3 songs from the iTunes shop’ card. Sweet. What they hadn’t done is create a page of ‘recommended’ tracks or anything like that, which might have been a nice addon.

But free things are nice :-)

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Dell Blog

I’m a bit behind on this one but Dell have started a corporate blog. It’s getting very mixed coverage:

Looking at it I think they’ve got a lot of fundamentals right. They’re not moderating too hard, they’re letting real stuff through. They’re looking at links in and links out. They’re responding to comments. And fair play to them, there’s a huge volume of stuff to deal with.

It mustn’t be easy for someone like Dell with customer service issues to stick their head out of the trench. So good luck to ’em I say.

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Boast it Notes

Nik’s set up a group called ‘Boast it Notes‘ on Flickr. It’s simple really. I don’t think I should even stoop to the level of explaining it. It came about after he set up a group on Flickr called ‘Street Style’ now it’s got 63 members and photos in it. It was a hole waiting to be filled. Maybe ‘boast it notes’ will be the same. Probably not.

But the whole notion using photos as notes is an interesting one. i found myself doing something rather odd on Saturday. I was going to someone’s house, and I had their address on my computer. But instead of sending it to my phone using some nonsense technology. Or writing it down, as a non-geek with a pen might do. I photographed it on my phone.

This might seem odd. But it was quick. Free. And less likely to be lost than a scrap of paper. Or maybe I’m just in love with my new Sony Ericsson K800i.

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A Pot of Infogold

Online developments – a photoset on Flickr

Lynette does an amazing, amazing job of collating astounding facts, figures and quotes about what’s going on in the digital world. Subscribe to her Flickr RSS feed and you’ll be much better informed about the changing media-world.

Thank you Lynette

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