Gamers vs Avatars

Great online gallery of gamers alongside the avatars that they use to represent themselves. The fact the commentary is in German kind of adds to it in a strange way. Tip: click the images to move on to the next pair. Via We Make Money Not Art

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Very Smart Casual

Smart casual is one of my most despised terms ever. What could make it worse?

How about turning it into ‘Very Smart Casual’. Ouch. But I suppose being given the alternative choice of ‘Dress to Express’ is a nice touch. So it’s chinos with a razor sharp crease or a latex fun suit then.

I’m pretty sure this is not my kind of Nite Club.

Companies get 2.0ed

The YayHooray community get all over redesigning big corporations in the style of web 2.0. It’s all over Digg and, so you might have seen it already. But it is pretty funny (if you’re a design geek).

All the cliches are there: expect lots of reflections, rounded corners, gradients and more. Yay Hooray | yh collab: redesign famous logos in web 2.0 format!

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More Viral Stuff

Faris from Naked talks about the fact that viral ‘just is’. Also uses the nice ‘real world viral’ example (oh, hang on, that’s just a virus isn’t it?) of the 118 vests. Also mentions a foul Coke example of labelling videos as ‘viral 1, viral 2’ on a website. Yuk. That reminds me, I’m not a fan of ‘virals’.

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My New Blog Experiment

Early Morning From My Window

I Love London

Actually I don’t. That’s the whole point. Me and London haven’t been getting along all that well recently.

So I thought I’d try a little experiement. To see if blogging about great things in London can inspire me to think more about great things in London. And make me more attuned to noticing these things around me.

Basically, can blogging inspire positive thought.

The project was inspired by a conversation with Russell last week about how blogging can affect your view of the world (in a good way) and an invite to try out Vox (a new service from Six Apart). I started this morning.

Have a look: Leave your thoughts.

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All the Fun of the Fair

Sophie and I went to Lovebox on Saturday and a jolly good time was had by all. I didn’t take my camera with me, as I’d have done in the past. Instead I took my new phone. By the end of the day I was a bit tipsy and got a little snap happy. These photos from the Waltzers are some of my favourites.

I was sure that my phone-cam would never replace a standalone camera. But I think I might have just changed my mind.

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More on Zopa – Speed Blogging

Following my earlier post on Zopa. Dave, one of the Zopa founders, had picked up on my post and responded in the comments section within 15 minutes of the original post going live.

I’ve always been impressed by Zopa’s use of their blog and the fact that they get out there in the thick of it, leaving comments, engaging in debate, etc. But a response time of 15 minutes. That’s got to be some kind of record.

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