Busy not blogging

I’m faced with a daily paradox at the moment: the busier I get (sometimes doing quite interesting stuff) the less time I find that I have to blog about it. I need to get better at putting aside a few minutes a day to keep the site up to date. Or maybe I need to consider a slightly new format for the blog where I can say more in less words? Here’s a few things I’ve done in the last 2 weeks of quiet blog time:

  1. Been working with Zopa. Professionally I’m working with Zopa which is one of the most interesting projects I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on. I’m finding it fascinating and incredibly taxing in equal measures. Taking a inherently simple proposition (which has very very complex underpinnings) and making it work from both a product and a communication point of view. It’s one of the first things I’ve done recently where our work touches so much of their business. If you’ve not heard of Zopa, go check it out.
  2. Been taking swimming lessons. I’ve never been a good swimmer, but always wanted to be better. I read about a method of teaching swimming that uses principles from the Alexander Technique, so I resolved that I’d find out more about The Art of Swimming using the Shaw Method. I did. I signed up, and I’m finding it absolutely amazing. I’ll talk more when I’m finished my lessons.
  3. Had a very interesting meeting with MySpace. I’ve talked a lot on here about MySpace, and I’m going to talk some more in the next day or two, but it was great to meet some people who are actually involved in the business. I still have some reservations about what they’re doing, but there’s undoubtedly some very interesting things we can all learn…
  4. Had a long weekend of going out to parties with old friends. Behaved like an idiot 10 years younger than I am (and had a great time). Feel like an old man now. Interesting to see how 24-hour licensing now means that you can essentially go clubbing around the clock in parts of London now, and people do, and they quite often look like a mess. I’ll say no more.

Anyone got any tips on how to stay blogging during times of stress and heavy workload?

Free AppZapper

appzapper screenshotOne digital life reports on a really neat promotion run by MacZot.

They reduced the price of the Appzapper application by 5 cents for every blog that linked to the site. Mac bloggers went nuts for it and the price went down to completely free. Sensibly it didn’t stay free forever; just for a limited period / number of downloads.

What’s so smart about this?

  • The inbound links will last for a long time.
  • You can pretty much guarantee that they’ll have an amazing Google ranking as a result.
  • The people who will have got the free download will be bloggers (who are likely to talk about the product and their experience).
  • Everybody wins.
  • It cost them very little.

Smart work.

Sickbag Graffiti

sickbag graffiti

I saw this decorated sick bag stuck on a lamp post on my way to work. It made me laugh (especially as I was feeling a little sick at the time myself).

NSPCC – Dream Auction

NSPCC Dream AuctionHere’s a little (in size) project Poke have done for the NSPCC. The NSPCC Dream Auction is aiming to raise a huge amount of money to help to end cruelty to children. There’s a number of ways to get involved, from a huge gala auction at the Royal Albert Hall (that I’m sure I won’t get an invite to), 1000s of eBay lots (which I’m sure I can bid on) through to the sale of rather fetching mobile phone lanyards.

Tivoli iSongBook


I really like this new Tivoli iSongBook, it’s an iPod speaker system plus radio (edit: I’ve just realised it’s not new at all). There’s so many iPod speaker systems out there, but none of them really do it for me. Even the lastest Apple one kind of leaves me cold. On the other hand this one borrows from the styling of the iPod, but then makes it all its own. The fact that the dock flips out from the size and can be stowed away is really cool. Plus it’s got other little touches like the fact it’s properly shielded so you can have it near a TV or computer.

I’m sure that it’ll sound really good too, Tivoli things that I’ve experienced in the past always have. I’ve got a basic radio that I’ve had for a few years and it’s got a lovely warm sound for its size.

First Download Only No.1

Top of the Pops Logo

I know I’m a day late, but forgive me, I’ve been away.

The BBC write about how history was made on Sunday: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley went into the UK charts at number 1. Even though it’s not even available in physical shops yet.

It’s one of those tracks that’s been hammered on the radio for months and months before being released properly, so there was obviously a massive latent, constructed, demand. Cool though.