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appzapper screenshotOne digital life reports on a really neat promotion run by MacZot.

They reduced the price of the Appzapper application by 5 cents for every blog that linked to the site. Mac bloggers went nuts for it and the price went down to completely free. Sensibly it didn’t stay free forever; just for a limited period / number of downloads.

What’s so smart about this?

  • The inbound links will last for a long time.
  • You can pretty much guarantee that they’ll have an amazing Google ranking as a result.
  • The people who will have got the free download will be bloggers (who are likely to talk about the product and their experience).
  • Everybody wins.
  • It cost them very little.

Smart work.

3 thoughts on “Free AppZapper”

  1. That is beyond clever, and I am going to try and steal/adapt that mechanic for every client in the next month or 2.

    It taps into the whole community idea on so many levels:

    1. blogs, linking, trackbacks etc, but interestingly…
    2. the motivation – the people linking to the product don’t get much out of it themselves – but they get to help everyone else out, so that collectively, everyone saves a lot.

    It’s cool that’s a motivating proposition for people. Makes me feel glad to be part of the blogosphere, as opposed to wanting to beat myself to death with Media Guardian, as it normally does.

    I think it also highlights what advertising is and isn’t becoming. Nice.

  2. Steal – or adapt as you say ;-) the idea, give it a catchy buzz-name and you’ll have a new Marketing 2.0 business that will be hot for at least a few months.

    I like the idea of self-flagellation using the Media Guardian – I might start doing that on a weekly basis to keep myself sane.


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