Evil Google logo

evil googleWhen I’m tired and not feeling on top form I can never really be bothered to look at stuff online. The one site that always cheers me up a bit is Boing Boing, you’ll never fail to find something interesting, odd, funny or inspiring. I’m not sure which category to put this one in…

As I’m sure everyone knows it’s now very cool to hate Google. So this Script to replace Google logo with Evil Google logo is just what you need. It takes the Google logo and replaces it with one created by the Students for a Free Tibet.

In case you don’t know the story, Google have agreed to filter their search results in China to comply with the government’s censorship wishes. It’s a tough one. Google was already being crippled in China so in some ways it’s a good thing that they’re now accessible and, importantly, able to show users when things have been stripped out by the local authorities, meaning they can see they’re being censored.
Allegedly all the big search engines have done similar deals with the government. But now that Google are officially ‘evil’ they’re the worst (of course)…

BBC report on UK gamers from 6-65

BBC Gamers ReportFrom Boing Boing: BBC report on UK gamers from 6-65 – contains some amazing figures.

“59% of 6 to 65 year olds in the UK are gamers. In total there are 26.5 million gamers in the UK. The average age of a UK gamer is 28 years old, and the gender split is almost even, averaging out at 45% female and 55% male”

I was shocked at the volumes, the average age, and the gender split. The report is well worth a look and contains some great info-graphics – see above.

Zombie Infection Simulation

Sometimes I see things online and it makes me think. “I love the Internet”, and I love the crazy, crazy, eccentric freaks that inhabit it. The Zombie Infection Simulation is one of those things. I’ve got no idea why this exists, apart from a bunch of geeks decided that it should. Now there appears to be all kinds of offshoots from the original – like this version where humans can fight back. It reminds me of the old ‘life’ simulators with foxes and hens from my very first computer in ’83. Damn, that makes me feel old!

Guns ‘R’ Us

Guns for salePsssst. Wanna buy some guns?

A brand new microsite by Poke. The film’s been done by Mother.

We’re trying to get it seen by as many people as we can. So we’ve put together a microsite and have done some interesting distribution stuff including our first ever Podcast (come on, you know we had to do one at some point!). You can find it in the Apple ITunes Music Store FOR FREE now:

We’re trying to get the film seen by as many people as possible, so please forward to friends if you like it.

The Postal Service vs Apple

postal serviceI like the The Postal Service a lot. Their album is great. I also like Apple a lot. Their products are great. As has been well documented the latest Apple Intel Ad looks a lot like the video for “Such Great Heights” by the aforementioned band. Ben from The Postal Service expresses his disappointment on their site. But, in a sweet twist of irony the video ends up topping the iTunes video chart.

Shows the power of a bit of controversy online. The digital equivalent of kids standing round a schoolyard fight. “Scrap! scrap! scrap!”.

Techno Faux-Pas

Whilst browsing in Micro Anvika today I was looking at the plethora of digital music players, ranging from the gorgeously designed to the truly horrible. When out of the corner of my eye I saw one particular piece of gadgetary. I thought to myself “f**k me, that is the most horrible piece of ‘bling’ design I have ever seen in my life”. I assumed that it was an MP3 player (as that’s where it was placed in the shop). But when I found out what it was I felt shamed. Find out what it is…
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