iTunes Signature Maker

iTunes Signature Maker – this is a fantastic idea. A small online app (java I think) – that creates an audio signature based on your iTunes library.

The site suggests:

Load your iTunes signature onto your iPod, e-mail it to some friends, share it in our signature gallery, or stick it on your home page. Maybe it will help you gauge your compatibility with your next blind date: “She seems nice enough, but her iTunes signature is just so atonal!”

Really sweet. And I suppose you want to hear mine then. OK, here it is: Iain_Audio_Signature.mp3 (approx 200kb). The results could be better if you sat down and mixed it yourself, but hey ho, this is quick and easy!

broken leon (not really)

Following on from my dirty BP ad post last week, was interesting to see another debate around the tiny little things that make all the difference. russell davies: broken leon (not really). Which in turn references a dissection of the book Broken Windows Broken Business over at Brand Autopsy.

Whether or not misuse of apostrophes is an issue for you, it clearly is to a lot of people. I know my grammar, punctuation and spelling aren’t the best in the world. But at the same time when I spot someone else’s howler it really does make me feel all funny inside. // strangers helping strangers – I don’t know if I’d just missed this. But it’s a great site. You can ask a question and people will answer, but you need to answer somone else’s question first. Done in a really simple and compelling way. Nice

Camera Fun

Had some fun with my new camera on Sunday. Found that if you set it to a really high shutter speed you can take some almost decent snaps out of a moving car window. Visit this photo set to see what my cab ride from London Bridge to Tulse Hill looked like.

BP Dirty Irony

Saw this ad for BP on the stairs down to liverpool st station. Ironically the sign talking about clean energy is the dirtiest poster I’ve seen in ages. Oh the sweet irony.

Honestly though. When you see the state of it you really can’t take the message seriously in the slightest. Shows that it’s not just placement that needs to be considered… [close up here]

Mobile Marketing

Yesterday I spoke at the Mobile Marketing 2005 conference. I actually quite enjoyed it which surprised me.

It was a tricky old thing. From speaking to lots of people later it’s obvious that there’s a lot of different levels of knowledge and experience within the sector. And there’s still a lot to play for. Which is inspiring.

What’s less inspiring is quite how ‘old media’ a lot of the thinking in the industry seems to be. Especially from the network operator side. It’s almost as if the web and open source hasn’t even registered. The networks (and a load of ‘feeder’ companies around them) seem to want to control and own everything. Their value chain seems to rely on them owning and delivering content. Much like a properly old-school ISP.

Is it really economically impossible for a network to detach itself from all their ‘value added services’? I hate using that term (especially when the services in question add no discernible value in my world). If I was offered a network that just charged a data rate but let me go where I wanted, using whatever device I wanted, I’d be in like a shot. And hoovering up mobile bandwidth. They may not get me paying 50p to watch a movie trailer from them (I would absolutly never do such a thing by the way). But they would get the data charges.

Or am I just being naive?

Until they sort themselves out I’m hoping for a massive wi-fi cloud and using VOIP on mobile wi-fi devices. Fuck the mobile networks. (Note to mobile networks (especially any of our clients): I didn’t really mean that completely).