Frog Review

frogsAll usability reviews should be carried out by talking frogs. And no, I’ve not spent the weekend licking toxic toads! Check this site if you don’t believe that frogs are the future of usability: Frog Review: Ticketmaster. I can see these guys being bigger than Jakob.

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Honda Element Game

i really like this site. The Element and Friends Web Site – 2006 Honda Element

Yes it’s for a car and yes it’s a game (2 thing that I’d normally not get at all excited about). But it’s really charming. The tone of voice and style are lovely and I just like it, so there.

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Celeb Map Mashup

celeb google map mashupIn the seeming endless wave of Google Maps mashups comes Celebrity Maps. Of course, we all want to know where celebs live, so we can go raid their bins, clone their identities and create an elite army of celeb lookalikes that take over the ruling of the free world… Oh! Sorry just got a bit carried away daydreaming, celebs do that to me…

Thanks to the vigilant chaps at PSFK for that.

1984 – The Mac Story

1984 big brotherA really interesting look at the legenary Mac 1984 launch advert. I knew bits and pieces of the story, but not some of the finer points. And it doesn’t get much finer than (of the boardmembers it says):

“The others just looked at each other, dazed expressions on their faces…Most of them felt it was the worst commercial they had ever seen. Not a single outside board member liked it.”

It’s always good to remember that the opinions of a few are often not representative of the many…

Oh my word. The world has come to this:
it’s like one of those late night TV dating shows. But you get to choose whose profiles you see, in your own time, on your iPod. Now where did I put that clip of Cheryl… “I’m 24 and into pubbin’ and clubbin'”… Dreams are made of that!

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Yahoo gets Flickrd

yahoo flickrBusiness 2.0 – The Flickrization of Yahoo. It’s a long article, but makes for interesting reading about how social software is begining to spill over into many aspects of Yahoo!s business.

One point that they make that particuarly resonated with me is the difference between Yahoo! and Google. I’ve always felt that Yahoo! is more ‘human’ than Google – probably because in the good old days Yahoo! was structured around directories, picked by human editors. And now, if you start adding human tags to search (as Yahoo! MyWeb v2.0 does) – it goes back to becoming a much more human window onto search. Yaaaaaaaaaahoo!

Levi’s Antidote

Levi\'s AntidoteLevi’s Antidote is, in its own words:

“…a living, growing snapshot of what people are thinking and doing across Europe.”

Now, as the guys at SMLXL so rightly point out, this is theoretically a great idea. A campaign that supports creativity, gets people involved and says all the right stuff about Levi’s. BUT, to my mind it gets lots of things wrong…
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